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Dec 2020
Chicken and leek pot pie (without the savory crust).
Nov 2020
Prawn, Basil, and Kafir lime curry
Nov 2020
Chef Vibhuti Bane awarded the 'Indian Achiever's Award, 2020' for Excellence in Hospitality.
FEB 2019
Chef Bane awarded as one of the 100 Most Influential leaders in The Hospitality Industry

Rigorous efforts to solve the client’s problems and serving them with a holistic approach paves a Beautiful path For Chef Bane. The title of one among the “100 MOST INFLUENTIAL LEADERS in the Hospitality Industry” Says it all.

OCT 2019
Chef Bane-India's Finest Food & Beverage Professional: Spotlight –Oct’19

Featured as India’s Finest Food and & Beverage Professional, Chef Vibhuti Bane (Director-KA Bus Hospitality)

Chef Vibhuti Bane as the speaker at WHO, India event on World Health Day, 2015
FEB 2019
Chef Vibhuti Bane With The Prestigious Title of ‘100 MOST INFLUENTIAL LEADERS’
NOV 2013
Forbes - Featured in the Forbes India magazine, November 2013.
DEC 2012
TOI - Exclusive interview with Times of India for their Chef's corner piece.
City Bar Featured In Mid Day Publication, Bangalore ED.’2010
Strategy might help you But Empathy Is What will Get you There!
“ A good manager is the one who can give a good product even with a bad apple in the team.”
It’s all about the details!
Perseverance and Determination are the two main factors to Become Responsible!
Always Remember To Use Your Privilege Responsibly.
Half-Knowledge is Indeed Dangerous!
Chef Vibhuti Bane On Planning and Risking In Any Industry!